here are some projects our company has executed, while others are on going!.



Building cladding in Abuja

With aesthetically stunning buildings, designed to beautify homes and offices, plazas and recreational venues, we tackle to issues of cladding and glass washing /polishing to maintain buildings etc.


Dry Cleaning services in Lagos

Just Like NEW, excellent dry cleaning machinery to ensure our clients, individuals, corporate get consistent high quality value in their dry cleaning requirements, with over 65,000 units of clothing dry cleaned. How can be wrong in using us as well?!



Fumigation in Abuja..

Once called our total pest control team " Pest Busters" arrive survey, take inventory and return for total removal of the pest e.g. roaches, ants, termites and other un favorable organism in the environment under review..

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— Chinedu O, President, Visitors™ Enterprises.