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Our Services designed around our clients needs include but are not limited to the following..

Fumigation and Pest/Vector Control: - As a standard certified Company by numerous Government parastatals, NGO’s and private agencies, we provide extensive fumigation and pest/vector control using eco-friendly pesticides in conformation with the specifications as contained in section 8.3 of the Policy Guidelines of Pest and Vector control issued by Federal Ministry of Environment, 2005. We provide after service routine disposal of killed pests as a special waste by burying or incineration. Such disposal shall not be done within a distance of 30m to a source of ground or surface water supply. Our special eco-friendly organic pesticide combination formula keeps us ahead of our competitors in term of effectiveness and value. We undertake scarecrow installations in area or farmlands that are prone to invasion of drove of birds, rodents, monkeys or of such invasion, but in compliance to maintaining animal food chain and energy pyramid.
At VISITORS™, we locate, identify, and destroy harmful animals’ tunnels/burrows in a habitat; we kill harmful insects like wide bees, gnat, tsetse flies, bedbugs, cockroaches, poisonous reptiles, destructive rodents, eliminate malaria through the killing of malaria responsible vector mosquitoes. Due to the increase of Malaria epidemic in the Country, we provide extensive city or area fumigation service where we fumigate entire city using our mobile controlled fumigating system.

Swimming Pool Wash/Maintenance: - Routine treatment of swimming pools keep it hygienic fit, and guard against water born diseases, bacterial and spirogyra. We use international standard chemicals to treat a swimming pool which doesn't’t have any irritating effect on users’ skin or eyes. Our professional scientists test the PH degree and chlorine level of the pools, brushes the side walls and floor bed, removes floating debris and dirt’s, backwash and skim the pool.

Cladding Polishing: - Polishing of buildings’ cladding reveals the architectural beauty of the building, reflects/diffracts ultra-violet rays from the sun, promotes the cooling effect of building’s interior, and preserves the structure.

Car Wash and Aircraft Detailing: - This is the professional water or waterless wash of vehicles, trains and aircrafts using eco-friendly plant derived materials, or super shampoo pressure hot/cold water washers as alternative. Our waterless wash literally needs no water to clean the week build up dirt off aircrafts, besides being derived from plant materials, makes it best eco-friendly material than shampoo in aircraft detailing, considering the delicate aluminum body nature of aircrafts. Our thorough vacuuming gives the dashboard, console, seats, upholstery, panels, and door jams the special attention needed, besides, the wax applied to the body of the car/aircraft with our orbital polisher, smoothens the surfaces, thus, reduces the heating effect associated with contact resistance of frictional force, perhaps, increases the mechanical efficiency of the car/aircraft. We also remove the light tar and bug splatter from the body. We make sure we remove the offensive odor in the interiors to the barest minimum, restores and protects car headlamps from fug effects, fixes and controls windscreen cracks, repairs body scratches.

Marble/Floor Tile Burnishing: -
We scrub and burnish floor/wall marbles and tiles to bring out its sparking shiny characteristics.

Laundry and Dry-Cleaning: -
VISITORS™ keep your clothing and wares unique with our soft and subtle touch. The deserved care and understanding given to client’s fabrics keep it magnificent. We wash and press client’s garments to its newness.

Landscaping and Horticulture: - Landscaping is the art and science of modifying land areas by organizing natural cultivated or constructed elements, according to a comprehensive aesthetic plan, with our competent architects, workman and engineers, we create and modify the topography of a geographical area to suit any purpose.  We undertake lawn maintenance, tree tap-roots’ excavation, flower and shrub trimming, green grass restoration, controlled deforestation/forestation, carpet grassing, building site bush clearing, weeding, high voltage power line bush path clearing, and total horticulture. We provide these services in compliance to the global warming prevention and Ozone layer preservation.

Facility Management: - Among the services we render, includes, house painting, plumbing, air-conditioner repairs and maintenance, carpentering, POP installations, amongst other related services.

General Contracts: - VISITORS™ ENTERPRISES LIMITED. RC: - 813262, has the capability to execute any contract within its service. We are propelled by vibrant young entrepreneurs that render services that would exceed your expectation. A trial would really exceed your desire.


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